Appliance Repair Guide

Domestic appliances are vital elements of modern life. Without them, you would have to wash your clothes by hand and cook your food over an open fire. Therefore, it is essential to provide maintenance for your appliances in order for them to last longer and stay in good condition. We offer you some guidelines on repair, maintenance and replacement.

A broken or damaged appliance can lead to some serious problems in the majority of homes, and it often leads to questions whether you need to repair or replace them. You need to consider the age when you're making this decision.When your appliance passes its average life span, it would be good to replace it. Basically, when it is cheaper to repair it than replace it, you know what to do. On the other hand, if it breaks down frequently, it would be best to replace it. A lot of appliances break down because you use them too much, or you don't use them properly. That is why you should read the user manuals when you buy your appliance and learn about proper maintenance.

Washing machine maintenance - ensure you haven't overloaded the machine, otherwise it might prematurely break down. Pay attention to your pockets when placing clothes in the machine, foreign objects can clog it. It is suggested by the manufacturers that you should replace the hose every five years.

Clothes dryer maintenance - inspect the outside vent once a year, and clean the vent trap regularly to enhance performance.

Refrigerator maintenance – clean the condenser coils with a vacuum cleaner to eliminate dirt. Examine the door seal frequently. The door seal is important because it keeps the food cold and prevents the temperature from fluctuating. It should be replaced if it is damaged. If your refrigerator stops working, it is likely that (by reading some easy do refrigerator repair tips and guides) you will be able to fix it by yourself.

Dishwasher maintenance – clean the filter to get rid of hard water deposits and other junk. You can eliminate soap build-up by running the dishwasher empty with a touch of distilled white winegar.

In the case you did all of these things, but your appliance still isn't working, maybe it's time to call a repair service. Basically, there are several elements you need to think about before you hire a repairman. You would want to hire someone with a good reputation and expertise to repair the problem quickly and efficiently. Always research before you hire someone and ask about the price of repairs. You can ask your friends and neighbors who they called and if they were satisfied. Would the use them again and why, or why not? Did they act professionaly and were the prices fair? You can also call different companies to see what they offer. Ask if there is a written guarantee on the work and the parts, and how long does the warranty last?

All in all, make sure you apply preventative maintenance on your appliances. If problems occur, they are usually easier to repair than you might think. Follow step-by-step guidelines in your user manual and other explanations on how to fix your appliances at home. If all fails, call the repair service.

 Last updated on January 23, 2014

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